What’s On Your Wishlist?

What’s on your wish list?

“What’s on your wish list?” – The simple question behind our success and parents’ satisfaction.

One question we ask all parents when they first contact us, is: “If I ask you for a wish list regarding your child, what would be on that list?”

In many cases, and unfortunately, it’s the first time the parents have been asked. It is a simple way to engage the parent into the special education process, which quite frankly, is a difficult one.

This question allows our attorneys to determine what the parents believe their child needs. Unquestionably, a parent is in the best position to know how to help his/her child. Of course, this doesn’t mean the law will provide a child with everything a parent wants, but it allows our attorneys to cater our services to each family.

Although we can’t promise anything, or a particular outcome, our attorneys are experienced in taking a parent’s wish list, and strategically handling the case around that list. This includes many aspects of each case, and because it is case specific, we ask parents to contact us for more information.

So, what’s on your wish list?